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The financial realities of a tenure track faculty position

September 29, 2013

The financial realities of a tenure track faculty position

I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog warning people that tenure track positions are so rare, and so difficult to obtain, that it often seems completely insane to waste years on postdocs pursuing those positions.  However, there’s another angle that I’ve rarely touched upon, mostly because I know so few people who have successfully navigated that maze and landed those tenure track positions.

Today’s link is a description of the realities of tenure-track positions at smaller schools – the ones that, realistically, most people have a shot at getting.  I’ve often complained about the financial realities of trying to live a normal life, or support a family, as a postdoc, but it turns out that the financial realities of a lot of tenure-track positions are also pretty grim.

This is yet another example of the multitude of reasons that I recommend that the vast majority of people “escape the tower”.


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