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The Nation on the Higher Education crisis

June 11, 2011

Today’s link is another very long, but very excellent read summarizing and addressing many of the concerns regarding the state of higher education – especially graduate school – in the US.  Between the replacement of tenured positions with part-time labor, or full-time non-tenure-track instructors, the soaring salaries of administrators, the longer hours, lower pay, and decreased job prospects, there is less and less motivation for students to go to graduate school.  I know I have personally used this blog to discourage people from pursuing a PhD, and if anyone asks me in the real world whether I suggest going to graduate school, I always answer with a vehement “NO!”.  As more and more people are learning what a scam graduate school is, and more of the best and brightest are running away as far and as fast as they can, the quality of education will only drop further.  Many colleges are already a mockery, in terms of the quality of education provided compared to the cost of that education.  As we drive away the brightest students, and replace tenure track positions with TA’s and postdocs teaching classes, with those transient positions losing appeal to the brightest, most capable students, the entire system is slowly collapsing.  As the author suggests, it’s time for those who haven’t already taken the easy way out (and escaped academia) to start organizing to fix the system from within.  The million-dollar administrators bouncing from university to university certainly won’t do it for us.



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