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“The Real Science Gap”

March 25, 2011

Today’s article is a long one, from Miller-McCune, summarizing in great detail the landscape of academia and science careers in the US.  It is well worth the time it will take you to read it, especially if you’re one of those students who is on the fence and deciding which direction to take at the next stage in your career path.

You can read it here at Miller McCune.

There are many great quotes in this article, but since I often harp on the fact that we produce far too many scientists with far too job opportunities for them, I’ll repeat this one:

“… three times as many Americans earn degrees in science and engineering each year as can find work in those fields, Science & Engineering Indicators 2008, a publication of the National Science Board, reports.”

Yeah, still thinking about that career in science?  I hope you’re honing your computer programming skills…


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  1. James permalink

    There was another quote that was just too terrifying to leave out…

    “According to a recent post on the blog of a well-informed physicist, eight people have already accepted postdoc positions at Princeton in the field of particle physics for the coming year. That is one particle physicist shy of the total number in that field hired nationally as faculty members this year.”

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