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The Disposable Academic

December 18, 2010

I’ve spent the bulk of many conversations railing against the pitiful job prospects for the typical academic – the positions in academia are nowhere near enough to provide employment for all the students they churn out, and industry prospects are often bleak as they assume you have no practical knowledge.  In many ways, the fundamental problem with the system is that it is designed to train students for jobs in academia – but those jobs are scarce.  A good first step would be to not only put more effort into training students for careers in industry, but to remove the idiotic stigma attached to the idea of somehow “selling out” when you want to get a job that can actually feed a family.  Many of my entries on this blog have related to this exact concept.

Here’s another.

This time, it’s a piece from The Economist, titled The Disposable Academic.  I highly recommend checking it out – it’s a great summary of what life is like for many grad students, and the sense of desperation and hopelessness about the future that plagues students.


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