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Why did 17 million students go to college?

October 23, 2010

A friend posted this Chronicle of Higher Education article to Facebook, and I thought it was well worth sharing.
It is a summary and discussion of some BLS statistics, and they reinforce much of what I’ve been saying – more and more, a college degree is not worth the cost.  Most depressing number from the survey?  There are over 5,000 janitors in the US who hold a PhD, professional degree, or other doctorate.


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  1. giambolvoe permalink

    I talked to a guy at Wal-mart a few months back, and was absolutely astonished when I found out that he had two masters degrees and two doctorates (masters & doctorate in botany or biology, not sure what the other degrees were) He obviously was very smart, so I didn’t think he was pulling my leg. He told me how to make a $5000 incubator out of an old refrigerator 🙂
    I wanted to be sad for him, but he seemed happy enough with his life. Hope that doesn’t happen to me, though…

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