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August 25, 2010

I am a recent escapee of the academic system, and knowing that many friends and colleagues have suffered similar trials to myself, I decided to start this blog to share the many resources, links, and general thoughts I’ve had about academia.

Make no mistake about it:  I believe that the ivory tower is deeply, fundamentally flawed.  I received my PhD in physics and moved onto a rewarding career in industry through a combination of hard work, lots of luck, and the help of some really great people.  Many others do not get that combination of factors coming together, and get stuck in postdoc limbo, adjunct hell, low salary teaching-only positions, or various other crappy careers, after wasting more than ten percent of their lifetimes on what turns out to be a nearly meaningless education, and amassing a crushing mountain of student loan debt.

It might sound as if I am bitter, and plenty of my posts will likely be filled with vitriol for the parts of the system which I despise, but I actually consider myself fortunate, to have escaped reasonably unscathed.  Many others have not been so fortunate, and this blog is dedicated to them.


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