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Nature on the future of postdocs

You just know that any article which starts with the following quote is going to be a good, but depressing read:  “By the time Sophie Thuault-Restituito reached her twelfth year as a postdoctoral fellow, she had finally had enough.”

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An Astrophysicist’s view on the transition from academia to data science

Today’s Link is a powerpoint presentation by a former astrophysicist who has made the transition into data science, a growing field with great potential to apply the skills learned as a scientist. Data science is probably my #1 recommendation right now, for viable paths to escape the tower.

Nature: The ones who got away

Today’s Link  is a nice piece by Nature, discussing the paths of a few very promising academics who moved outside of the Ivory Tower, and where they ended up.  It’s always nice to hear some of the different paths people have taken, especially for students who are considering making that move themselves.

The financial realities of student loan debt

Today’s short article from the Washington Post delves into the financial realities of student loan debt.  And they ain’t pretty.  The title of this particular piece is “how student debt crushes your chances of buying a home.”  The takeaway message:  If you’re borrowing more than $50k to go to college, you’re gonna have a bad time.

The “Failed Intellectual” reflects on leaving the tower

“One Wednesday afternoon, my therapist said he’d stopped worrying that I wouldn’t get tenure and started worrying that I would.”


Colleges are full of it: Behind the three-decade scheme to raise tuition, bankrupt generations, and hypnotize the media

While it paints a bit of a cartoonish image of a Higher Education Supervillian, twirling his mustache and plotting against the common man, I still found This Salon Article to hit upon a lot of great points regarding the exploding cost and plummeting value of college.  Well worth a read.


A View From an Ex-String Theorist

A View From an Ex-String Theorist

Today’s link is more of the anecdote variety, rather than the typical number salad of most of my links, but I still think it’s worth a read. Via Reddit, let’s look at a story, in the author’s own words, about leaving behind academia, even when working in one of the “hot” fields, with a phenomenal background.  I see a lot of people who assume that anyone who leaves academia behind is some sort of de facto failure, but this really isn’t the truth.  There are many reasons people leave behind the ivory tower, and it’s always good to read another story.


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